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Every week there is a post all about Rosie: her growth, what she learns, what she likes to play with.  I’m starting to get a little jealous because I’m the posh puppy who is supposed to get all of the attention!  So, I got my human to take a few pictures of me and am now writing a quick post about myself.

First of all, I want everyone to know that while Rosie got to taste ham and sausage this Christmas, I didn’t even get a lick.  My humans were very apologetic and tried to sooth me with healthy treats, saying that the vet said that I couldn’t have any meat.  That was a big disappointment, but I’ll forgive my humans because they’re usually very fair to me, and I really, really love them.

I have been getting along fine with Rosie most of the time.  Sometimes, however, she has a bone which, though identical to mine, is better.  So, I start barking and barking at Rosie and trying to steal her bone.  Once, I even took it right out of her mouth!  Sometimes Rosie will growl, but that doesn’t discourage me!  My humans are always saying stuff like, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.”  What does that have to do with bones unless you want to bury them?

My humans have been saying that I’ve lost some eyesight and am partially deaf, but I haven’t noticed anything.  As long as nothing in my routine changes, I am content and happy.



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