Beat the Heat

dog panting

It’s a hot time of the year, a great time for swimming and playing at the park.  But what about your dog?  It’s hot outside, and special care needs to be given to him to keep him cool and comfortable.

dog drinking Lots of Water!

Dogs couldn’t live very long without water.  We need nice, cold water to drink.  If your dog stays outside or is outside a lot, provide clean,  cold water at all times.  Change the water every day and make sure your dog doesn’t spill it.  If he spills it, your dog doesn’t have any water  to drink.  Consider buying your dog a heavy duty water bowl.

 Lots of Shade!

It’s very hot outside, and dogs need a shaded area.  A doghouse is nice, but it gets hot inside that little space.  Try a beach umbrella or a  small canopy.  You don’t want your dog to get overheated!

 Your Dog’s Coat

It does get warm under our fur, but don’t have your dog shaved down to the skin.  Always consult your veterinarian before cutting your  dog’s hair to keep him cool.  A dog’s fur wasn’t only given to keep us warm.  It helps us not get sun burnt too.

The Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are great for humans to cool off, and sometimes for dogs too.  But never ever let your dog swim alone.  The edges of the pool are slippery, and your dog might not be able to get out.  Make sure your dog doesn’t drink the pool water either.  Also, if your pool is by a high surface, make sure your dog can’t jump in.  Once, when my humans’ pool was by the porch and I was very young, I jumped in.  Thankfully, one of my humans saw me and helped me out.  That was very scary!

dog swimming

Hurtful Sidewalk

The sun beats down on the sidewalk, and makes it very hot.  A dog’s paws are tough, but not as tough as a human’s shoes.  Before you take your dog for walks, feel the sidewalk with your hand.  Is it too hot?  If so, walk your dog when it’s cooler outside, like in the early mornings and late evenings.  You don’t want your dog to have sore or burning paws!

Have lots of fun during this nice time of the year with your dog.  Make sure your dog doesn’t get overheated and stays cool!


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