Puppy Playtime

At puppy class yesterday, it was the small dogs’ turn to have playtime afterwards.  So, Rosie, Luna, and Xia had fun chasing each other, playing in the water dish, and barking.

playtime rosie and zia drink

Rosie and Xia pause for a drink, and Luna carefully watches.

playtime rosie and zia

“Look!” yips Xia. “You can splash in it!”

playtime rosie bops zia

playtime rosie plays with zia

playtie rosie's frog legsRosie proudly demonstrates her ability to stretch out her legs while still wagging her tail.  The dog trainer called this “frog legs.”

playtime all the pups

All of the puppies were bell behaved and didn’t show a sign of dog aggression.  Good job, girls!

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