Rosie’s Puppy Class

puppy class 15 wksRosie had class tonight and practiced sit, down, leave it, stay, wait, and making eye contact.  She was a little tired and more interested in the other puppies than doing commands, but that is to be expected in such a highly distracting environment.  Next time, Rosie, we will bring slices of hot dog to really get your attention!

The new thing that she learned was how to sit and lay down at a heel position, which was difficult for her.  Rosie is so used to sitting/laying right in front of a person that doing it while at the human’s side is hard.  With some practice and patience, however, she will soon get the hang of it.  Is your dog able to sit and lay down from the heel position?  This will help when you’re on a walk and want your dog to do these commands.

Also, at class they had many objects for the puppies to explore and be exposed to.  There were colorful baby toys, Zhu Zhu Pets that went around in circles (Rosie was quite surprised when she saw that!), bubble wrap and tarps to walk on, canes and walkers to sniff and see how they work, an umbrella, and a crazy Dallas Cowboy robot dog that sang loudly and moved.  Rosie was only a little nervous and was very thrilled to sniff all of the new objects.

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