Tips for Picking out dog Toys

Maybe you’ve decided that your dog would benefit from more toys, you have a new puppy who needs some things to play with, or perhaps you are adopting an older dog whom you would like to introduce to toys.  Balls, braided ropes, stuffed animals, bones, and squeakies are just a few different toys to choose from.  There are a lot of options, and this post will, hopefully, help you decide which ones are best for your dog!


First of all, be aware that any toy that you buy for your puppy will probably get destroyed.  Rosie has so far destroyed her fabric and four plastic Frisbees, her figure-eight stuffed toy, two tennis balls, and a squeaking stuffed duck.  The only three toys that have not been torn apart are her braided rope, braided rope ball, and KONG.  So, as you can probably guess, you are looking for durability when it comes to puppy toys.  I suggest that you buy a couple of KONG rubber toys.  Rosie has one and has yet to make a dent in it.  Rope toys are a good idea also, and you can throw a stuffed animal into the cart if you want to, but be aware that puppies love to tear those apart, especially if there are squeakers hidden inside!  Plastic, weak rubber, soft fabric, and toys that are overly small or have parts which can be easily chewed off are bad buys for puppies and something you should steer clear of.


What toy you get for an adult dog depends on how much he likes to chew.  If he loves tearing things apart, follow the puppy guide for purchasing toys.  If he just likes to occasionally chew his toys, you can buy him pretty much any nice toy as long as the fabric is thick, the rubber is hard (like that of KONG, for instance), it is not overly small, and it has nothing which could easily be chewed off.


As a dog ages, his teeth and gums become more sensitive, and sometimes we crave soft, soothing things to chew on.  KONG has some good products just for older dogs, like this KONG rubber toy .  Also, your older dog might like some stuffed animals which are very soft to cuddle and gently chew on, like a KONG Cozie.

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