Sissy’s Bath

My humans did a terrible thing to me today.  They took me, against my will, into the bathroom, thoroughly brushed me, and then put me into the bathtub!  I told them several times that I smelled fine and didn’t have a dirty coat, but they insisted upon this silly cleanliness.

I tried my best to distract them from the bath idea by being very amusing.  I jumped, ran in circles, and pretended to attack my towel.  It was all to no avail, unfortunately.

After my bath, however, I felt much better, especially after a yummy cookie!

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Hi! I'm Sissy, a Toy Poodle. On Doggy Times I share articles about dog training, socialization, care, and health. Check out the Trick and Dog Breed Pages to learn more about your furry friend and how to train him/her.

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