Happy Birthday, Rosie!

Today is Rosie Posie’s 1st birthday, and, to celebrate, my humans made a dog-friendly cake.  It was bacon flavored with banana icing, and it was simply delicious!  Here are some pictures from the party:

As you can see from the picture above, I was very jealous.

After “Happy Birthday” was sung and the candle blown out, Rosie thought she could help herself to cake and started to climb onto the table!  My jaw dropped in shock at the rude act.  Yes, I admit that I jump onto the table to steal food, but at least I wait until no one is looking!

Time to cut the cake!  Rosie got the first piece, which hurt my feelings.  When my humans finally started to chop up mine into bite-sized pieces, I used my puppy-dog eyes to make them cut faster.

Rosie gulped down her cake in a few bites, but we’ll forgive her since it’s her birthday.  I, on the other hand, was very dainty and took my time.

Happy birthday, Rosie!  We love you!

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Happy Birthday, Rosie! — 1 Comment

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE!!! You are getting to be quite a handsome dog! :)
    Best wishes,
    Sophia and James.

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