With Warmer Weather, try Bathing Your Dog Outdoors

It’s hot outside, and you and your dog are sweating.  And, to top it off, your dog stinks.  With summery weather, why not try giving your dog an outdoor bath?  While some dogs will never like baths, getting wet outside is really fun for others.  Here are some tips to make your dog’s outdoor bath the best!

  • Tie your dog up to a tree, fence, or other heavy, unmovable object.  Don’t tie your dog to a leg of a lawn chair; your dog will easily drag that down.  Also, never leave your dog unsupervised while tethered, as he could easily choke or get his legs tangled, causing panic.
  • As long as he isn’t a senior, your dog shouldn’t have a problem with cold hose water.  My older joints don’t like chilly water, but Rosie really likes it on a hot day.
  • Summer and warm spring days are good for outdoor baths; winter days are obviously not!
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