Why Do My Dog’s Eyes Glow in the Dark?

You’re taking your dog outside in the dark, and, when your dog glances at you, his eyes have an odd, red glow.  What in the world is that?!

I’m going to go ahead and tell you the truth.  Your dog is a superhero, capable of shooting red-colored lasers from his eyes.  When you think he’s asleep at night, he’s actually out fighting crime.  This has been dogs’ well-kept secret, but I have finally let it out.  Now you know the truth.

Just kidding!

Seriously, though, why do your dog’s eyes glow in the dark?  The reason why they glow is somewhat like a “superpower.”  Your dog has an element of night-vision, like cats.  When you see your dog’s eyes get that odd coloring, it is actually just light reflecting off of the eye surface, enabling his eyes to make the most of the limited light.  Some of the colors a dog’s eyes may glow are red, blue, and green.

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