Are you considering adding a second dog to your family?  While owning more than one dog can add to the furry fun, it can sometimes be too much for you or your first dog to handle.

Consider Your First Dog

If your current dog cannot stand other canines, bringing another pup into your home might not be a good idea.  You can, however, consult a professional trainer to help you accustom your dog to other canines so you can add another pup.

Some dogs, especially the young or elderly, need to be the only dog you have.  They require more attention from their owners and can be unintentionally neglected when another furry member arrives.  New dogs – whether they be puppies or adults – require a lot of attention.  You will have to train, bond with, and possibly house train this new dog, which could make your current dog feel as if he is no longer loved.

Other dogs, however, are perfectly fine with a new doggy addition.  Another canine means a furiend to play with!  Also, it can help your current dog from getting lonely or bored when you’re gone.

Two Dogs = Twice the Expense

Owning a pet can be expensive, and adding a second dog will only double it.  Shots, flea and tick medicine, leashes, beds, toys, grooming, and food will quickly add up.  Before you add another pup into your life, make sure you can afford it.

Do You Have Extra Time?

Dogs need a lot of your time.  They must be fed, walked, trained, and given attention in order to be happy, healthy pets.  Also, a new dog needs even more attention.  You will need to train and bond with him while still taking care of your current dog.  And, if you’re getting a puppy, you will need even more time to house train him.

Helping Your Current Dog Adjust

Even for a dog who loves the new canine addition, the transition from being an only dog to having to share can be hard.  Help your dog adjust to the new situation by keeping his schedule the same as before.  Also, spend extra time with your first dog.  It won’t hurt to put your new dog in a cage to spend some quality time with the old.  And, despite what people might say, dogs do get jealous!  I sometimes experience that feeling towards Rosie.  If my humans are petting her, I will look very pathetic and get them to pet me too.  Also, if Rosie gets a treat, I must get one too.  Remember to always make your first dog feel loved and included!

Beat the Heat!

Summer is here and swimming, camping, and spending time outdoors with family and friends is on many people’s minds.  What about your dog, though?  It’s hot outside, and special care and attention needs to be given to him to keep him cool and comfortable.

Water is a Mustheat dogs drinking

You need to give your canine lots of water this summer to assure that he stays hydrated and cool.  Keep a dish of cool water in a corner of your home for your dog constantly to have or, if your dog lives or often is outside, make sure you fill his bowl up about a couple of times a day.  Also, place your doggy’s bowl in the shade.  It will keep the water cooler and encourage your dog to stay in the shade, too.  If you notice your dog spilling his water dish, buy a heavy-duty water bowl.  Without water, your dog could quickly die.

Provide Lots of Shade

It can get very hot for your dog outside, so make sure that he has constant shade.  Remember, if part of your yard is shaded at a certain time of the day, it might not be a few hours later when the sun moves.  This can be especially dangerous for dogs who live outdoors.  Sure, dog houses are shady, but it can get super hot in such a small space.  Put up a beach umbrella or small canopy for your dog to lounge under.  You certainly don’t want your dog to get overheated!

Your Dog’s Coat

Wow! you think. My dog must be really hot wearing his fur coat!  Yes, it can get hot under there, but there are other reasons that we dogs were given such magnificent fur.  It actually helps us not get sunburned!  So, with that in mind, always consult your veterinarian before having your dog’s fur shaved.  Dogs such as Poodles, however, will always need a nice summer cut to keep them cool, as they have real hair that continually grows.

The Swimming Pool

heat poolSwimming is fun and a great way to cool off for your dog, but remember to never let your dog swim alone.  The edges of the pool are slippery, and your dog might not be able to get out.  Make sure your dog doesn’t drink the pool water either.  Also, if your pool is by a high surface, make sure your dog can’t jump in.  Once, when my humans’ pool was by the porch and I was very young, I jumped in.  Thankfully, one of my humans saw me and helped me out.  That was very scary!

Hot Feet, Hot Feet!

Before you bring your dog on a walk, feel the asphalt.  Does it burn your hand?  Imagine walking on that in your bare feet with little to no protection.  Ouch!  This can be the way your dog’s feet feel.  The steamy asphalt can seriously burn his paw pads, so always check to see if you would like to walk on it.  Another option is walking your dog in the early morning or late evening when it is cooler outside or on the grass.

Another tip: When walking your dog, take frequent breaks to give your dog some time to cool down.  Carry some water with you and offer it to your dog.

Please Don’t Leave Me in the Car!!

Please, please don’t ever leave your dog in the car without any air conditioning!  Don’t even do it when the weather is in the 70s or with the windows rolled all of the way down.  The car, you see, acts like a refrigerator, only it traps in the heat.  It is a horribly cruel way for a dog to die, so please leave your dog behind when you have errands to run and he can’t come with you.

Keep Puppies and Seniors Inside

Very young puppies and older dogs cannot take the heat as well as young adult dogs, so don’t leave them outside for very long  Also, dogs with flat noses (i.e. Bulldogs, Boxers, etc.) have a harder time breathing and should never be in the heat for long periods.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool 

  • A kiddie swimming pool, sprinkler, water hose, lake, or the ocean are great ways for your dog to splash around in the water and cool off.  If your dog is a little leery of entering the water, throw a few dog biscuits in for him to go after.
  • “Pupsicles” are basically popsicles made for dogs.  Your dog might like licking ice anyway but add a little flavoring (like chicken or vegetable broth), and you have a real treat!  Here’s a tip, though: have your dog devour this treat on your porch or lawn.  It can get really messy once it starts to melt!

Bath Day

My humans decided last Saturday to give Rosie and me baths.  Why they do this is still a mystery to me.  They say I get stinky (that’s a lie, by the way) and insist on doing it.  So, since they seem to be obsessed with it, I resign myself and get drenched.

While I was getting a bath, Rosie moseyed up to the open door and outright laughed.  She was terribly rude!

After the water, my human brushed and blow dried my curls.Viola!  A marvelous bouffant!Then (ha, ha!), my humans took Rosie outside for her bath since it was a nice warm day.  Rosie doesn’t mind outdoor baths very much as there are at least interesting things to smell and look at.  I, however, detest them and insist on indoor ones.Rosie still doesn’t like to be soapy, so she begs with those puppy-dog eyes for mercy.And, as usual, the humans did not listen to any pleadings but turned on the water.

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Rosie’s New Toy And Tag

Today, the humans went to Petco and bought Rosie a new toy: a Tire Biter.  It’s a rope toy in a durable plastic tire, and the humans are hoping that it will survive Rosie’s chewing!

For those of you who were wondering, the Tire Biter is a perfect pillow (according to Rosie :) ).

Rosie also says that it is a wonderful toy because it has a hole in the tire to stick your nose through.  For some odd reason she loves to stick her nose in a cupped hand and the gaps between the couch cushions!  Because of this, toys with holes are paw-some choices for Rosie.

Rosie’s favorite playtime position is on her back.  She uses her paws like hands to put the toy in her mouth!

A few other toys have withstood Rosie’s jaws.  One is a lizard toy made out of fire hose, which I believe has lasted a whole year.  The cheap Wal-Mart rope toys are also very durable, but they probably won’t last for years.  Rosie recently took one apart with some determined chewing, but she thankfully did not ingest any.  Rosie is never allowed to play with her toys when the humans are gone because she believes everything is safe to eat!  Another of Rosie’s super tough toys is the KONG.  Rosie has had this toy since puppyhood and has yet to make a tooth dent in it.  It still bounces very well despite being accidentally left outside in the rain.  Also, it is Rosie’s all-time favorite toy.  However, she usually isn’t allowed to play with it inside.  When she does, she coats it with slobber and pushes it into people’s laps!  Ew!  Therefore, it is an outdoors-only toy, which makes it all the more special.

Rosie mysteriously loosened her ID tag and lost it in the yard.  She liked to scratch it with her hind feet, so her sharp claws probably pried it loose.  My humans bought her a new one and secured it with two steel rings this time.  It shouldn’t be able to fall off now, and Rosie will have identification if ever she should get lost.

Rosie loves her sparkly new tag!