A Doggy Book Review: The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Pongo and Missis have a litter of fifteen Dalmatian puppies.  Their owners, Mr. and Mrs. Dearly, adopt another Dalmatian named Perdita to help take care of the many pups, and they are all prepared to happily raise the large canine family in peace and quiet.  Cruella de Vil, however, has other plans and invites the Dearlys to dinner.  While Cruella and her husband keep the two busy, hired villains kidnap the fifteen puppies.  Pongo and Missis are sick with worry and leave in the night to save their babies.  Perdita stays with the humans for comfort, and the other two trek to Suffolk where there has been news of a large amount of mysterious, spotted puppies.  They have small adventures and meet friends along the way.  When they arrive at a spooky mansion, they hear that their puppies are going to be used for dog skin coats to start Cruella’s coat business.  Time is ticking away, snow is falling, and the puppies must be taken to the safety of the Dearly home – soon!

The Hundred and One Dalmatians is a paw-some tale which Rosie and I enjoyed thoroughly.  Rosie almost cried when she learned that the puppies were to be made into dog skin coats, but she panted happily when the stressful part was over.  While you might feel like you know the story from Disney’s version titled 101 Dalmatians, it actually varies and is quite pleasant and amusing to read.  The ending is very satisfying, and I would recommend this book to anyone.  It is a funny story for adults, charming for children, and a great read aloud to your youngsters.  I give this book four paws up (which is all I have!) and a tail wag for good measure.


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