A Fall Update

I haven’t posted much lately because I have been very busy.  I seems I need to post this pupdate…er, update.

The squirrels are starting to take over my property, stuffing their cheeks with nuts which rightfully belong to me!  Not that I’m going to eat them…yuck!  Anyway, I have been on red alert for tree rats and further instructing Rosie in the arts of squirrel patrol.  In my spare time, I have been patrolling the house for scraps (I believe in the saying “waste not, want not”) and taking long naps.

The little human in my house, knowing how fond I am of food, served me breakfast in bed…

and gave me reading material and a stylish hat.

Rosie likes to wear the hat too. Or, realistically, she will tolerate wearing it for a short amount of time.  This is a vast improvement from only a short time ago, when anything on her head had to be eaten.  Actually, everything in sight had to be eaten.  Like staples… 

Here is Rosie exercising charity by sharing a sock with Kitty.  Rosie loves socks!

Kitty, however, is not a fan.

Rosie and I recently had a sleepover at our grandparents’ house while the humans were traveling.  Lacy was cordial but kept her distance. I had a wonderful time as I got wet dog food!  Yum!  Rosie had fun too.  She even got to play fetch with the neighbor.  Fetch is her favorite game!

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