A Summer Update

Hello, fur-iends!  I haven’t posted that much this summer, but I have been incredibly busy.  My humans went out of state, so Rosie and I had a sleepover with our best fur-iend, Lacy.  My humans also had a family over, and Rosie and I loved the extra attention (and food!).  Rosie demonstrated her down/stay command while playing fetch with their children.  I decided that I wanted to go home with them and followed them to their car.

While out of state, my humans visited with a relative’s dog.  Here is Duke, the ferocious pit bull, in his terrifying natural habitat.

He is very laid back

and a big fan of tea parties.

My humans also had some young adults over, but this large crowd of people turned out too much for me.  I had a seizure and, once recovered, had to spend the rest of their stay in my cage.  I was so disappointed as Rosie was allowed to stay!  No fair!

We had Lacy over for a birthday party of one of our humans.  Rosie behaved well and only had to be caged when it was time for presents and cake.  I, of course, was a shining star of good behavior.

My 16th birthday is fast approaching, and I simply cannot wait.  Since I’m turning sweet sixteen, I’ve asked my humans for a car.  That way, I can go wherever I want.  I also want a credit card so I can buy whatever I want.  I’d drive over to Petsmart and come home with a trunk loaded with treats and stylish dresses for every occasion!

So long for now!


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