An Update on Rosie

Rosie came home from the doggy hospital yesterday, and, though she was in pain, was very brave.  Our local veterinarian removed her leg (from where the IV was) and stomach bandages, and the incision is healing quite nicely.  She’s being given three different medicines, two of which are easy to conceal in food.  The other has a very nasty taste, so my humans have to open her jaws, put the pill on the back of her tongue, and clamp her muzzle shut as she slobbers in an effort to spit it out.  She eventually swallows, thankfully.  The first day of her being home Rosie insisted on being spoon-fed breakfast and whimpered every once in a while to let the humans know how much her wound hurt.  Today is a lot better, and Rosie has even tried to be playful with her giant tennis ball.

The picture to the left is what the hospital vet took out of Rosie’s stomach with a quarter for size comparison.  Yuck!  Our local vet guessed that Rosie swallowed something hard to digest (like part of a stuffed animal), which the staples caught onto, and the body tried to encapsulate it with food, other swallowed junk, and eaten hair.  So, actually, Rosie swallowing the staples was a mixed blessing, as the X-ray could only pick up metal.  Her stomach was already stuffed with other junk, and it might have taken quite a while to find out without staples, which could have been harmful to Rosie.

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