Basic Training

A dog learning to sit

For me, training is an outlet for all of my energy.  Training strengthens the bond between us dogs and our humans.  Every dog should know these three basic commands:  sit, lay down, and heel.  I like it when our humans use hand signals with the commands.  It makes learning a lot easier.  Just remember to always use the same hand signal because using different ones can confuse dogs.

The method my humans used to teach me “sit” was to first push my rear on the ground and then say, “sit”.  Next, they would give me a treat and shower me with praise each time I sat.  I finally caught on and now sit on command.

To learn “lay down”, the dog should have his leash on so he can’t run off.  The human sits on the dog’s left side and puts the leash under his/her knees.  He then takes out a treat and holds it by the dog’s nose.  Next, he takes the treat to the ground. The dog should follow.  When the dog lays down, give him the treat and loads of praise.

To teach a dog to “heel”, or walk at their human’s left side, the human holds a treat at his left side and the dog follows .  Next, the human walks a few steps and then gives the treat to the dog with lots of praise.  Later on, the dog will learn to heel without having a treat.


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