Bath Day

My humans decided last Saturday to give Rosie and me baths.  Why they do this is still a mystery to me.  They say I get stinky (that’s a lie, by the way) and insist on doing it.  So, since they seem to be obsessed with it, I resign myself and get drenched.

While I was getting a bath, Rosie moseyed up to the open door and outright laughed.  She was terribly rude!

After the water, my human brushed and blow dried my curls.Viola!  A marvelous bouffant!Then (ha, ha!), my humans took Rosie outside for her bath since it was a nice warm day.  Rosie doesn’t mind outdoor baths very much as there are at least interesting things to smell and look at.  I, however, detest them and insist on indoor ones.Rosie still doesn’t like to be soapy, so she begs with those puppy-dog eyes for mercy.And, as usual, the humans did not listen to any pleadings but turned on the water.

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