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bulldog in chairSome dogs just love being the boss.  They like to show their human how tough they are and that they’re in charge.  This is called dominating.  When a dog bites a person or another animal they might be trying to dominate them.  You need to show your dog who’s the boss.

How Do I Become the Boss?

Being the boss does not mean that you should be mean and dominating to your dog.  You should be a gentle, kind, and loving human.  Being the boss means that you make the rules and it is up to you to kindly teach your dog to obey them.  If you are mean and dominating, your dog will resent and hate it.

Follow the Leader

If you do not teach your dog that you’re the leader, he will take on the job.  He thinks that since nobody is going to be the boss, why can’t he just take on the position?  No one else seems to want to be boss, so he will take on the job.  This will lead to a mean and bossy dog who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  Below are things that bossy dogs do.  Don’t ever let your dog do these!


mad chiwiIf your dog ever bites you (which I hope he never does), he is either telling your to back off and mind your own business or that you scared him and whatever you’re doing hurts him.  Your dog should never ever bite you or anyone.  This is where you must draw the line.  When your dog is a puppy, he wants to know just how far he can go.  He wonders what will happen if he bites someone.  It is up to you, his human, to tell and show him that biting someone is wrong. A dog who bites is very dangerous.  Don’t ever let your dog behave like this.

Jumping up on the Table

Sometimes dogs will jump up on the table to get to the delicious foods on top, but other times dog on tablehe may go up on the table just to show you that he’s the boss.  If your dog does this, don’t scream at him.  Just act disappointed, and take him off the table, telling him how saddened you are by his behavior.  Hopefully, you won’t ever let this habit start.  Even if your dog looks so cute sitting up on the table, he’s being a bad dog.  You may want to make sure you don’t leave food on the table and scoot all the chairs in.  This will give your dog no excuse to jump up on the table.

Eeek!  There’s Dog Hairs on the Couch!

It’s certainly no fun to sit down in dog hair.  Imagine if you owned a Golden Retriever whodogs on couch sheds a lot and sleeps on the couch, and you have invited your best friend over.  You ask your friend to sit down on the couch.  Your friend just happens to be wearing black pants and the yellow dog hairs stick right on and really stands out.  Now that would be horrible for anyone!  Here’s some advise: buy your dog a bed and don’t let him on the couch.  Sometimes when dogs sleep on the sofa, they think they’re the boss.  If you provide your pooch with a dog bed, he won’t really need to sleep on the couch.  Although, if you don’t mind dog hairs on the couch, it’s not really being “bossy” for a dog to snooze on the couch if that’s part of your house rules.  But if you decide to make this a rule, stick to it and don’t allow your pooch on the sofa.

Pulling on the Leash

Some dogs like to pull on their leash.  These dogs are being the boss.  They think they can drag their human wherever they want.  They thoroughly enjoy pulling their human down the street and making them mad.   Read Leash Pulling for information on solving this problem.

Jumping up on People

Many dogs jump up on people when they are excited, but some dogs jump up on people whendog jumping on kid they want to dominate them.  Teach your dog that it’s much more fun to keep all four paws on the floor.  Try tapping your dog’s toes that are still on the floor when he jumps up on you.  Don’t break any toes!  Just gently touch them.  Tell him, “Off,” and praise him if he gets off you.  My humans prefer to use the command “off” because the word “down” means you want your dog to lay down.  Now that can get confusing!  Another method is helping your dog off you.  Don’t shove your dog off.  Just help him off the person, and praise him when all four paws are on the ground once more.  You can either reward your dog with a treat or praise, whichever your dog prefers.  If your dog is being nice and friendly when he jumps up on you, he is just trying to give you kisses and doesn’t mean any harm.  But if your dog acts even a little mean, he is trying to dominate you.  If your dog is ever aggressive to anybody, ask your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer for help on solving this behavior problem.


Be a Nice and Fun-Filled Boss!

No human wants to have a boss who is mean, yells, or doesn’t acknowledge you.  Dogs are the same way.  They want a boss who is fun to be around and makes being a good dog exciting.  If you’re this kind of boss, your dog will respect, honor, and, most of all, love training

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