boxer strip The Boxer first originated in Germany.  This type of dog has powerful jaws and a rather square muzzle.  Boxers are liked by the military and have been used as messenger dogs,  pack carriers, and guard dogs for the army.  The Boxer is thought to have been given the name “Boxer” because of the way he would seem to “box” by butting his head against whoever he was fighting. Some say that he was given his name because he would “box” by standing on his hind legs while fighting with his front paws.  Others say, though, that it is impossible for this type of dog to stand on his hind legs “boxing”.

Boxers come in mixes of fawn, brindle, light tan, reddish tan, mahogany, white, deer red, and dark honey-blonde.  Most of the time this canine has black and/or white markings.

Boxers are very devoted to their humans but cautious of strangers. Although this dog has a rough-looking appearance, he is usually good with children.

This wonderful dog needs a good amount of exercise so he will not become bored and pick up bad habits like chewing or digging.  It is important at a very young age to socialize the Boxer around other people, animals, and places so he will be a better dog when he grows up.

Boxers have been used as guide dogs for the blind, police dogs, and therapy dogs.  They sometimes preform in dog agility.

Boxers are friendly, brave, playful, and love to have human companionship.  They are very strong and loyal to their families.

Good dog!





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