Bull Terrier

721px-BULL_TERRIER_Agosto_2010The Bull Terrier – affectionately nicknamed “Bully” – is known for his very interesting egg-shaped head and triangular eyes.  Though this dog looks muscular and tough, he is really just a clown who loves to be near his family.

To produce this unique dog, a Bulldog was bred with a Terrier.  At first, it was the norm for these dogs to be pure white.  This soon changed, however, as the dogs began to become more colorful.


Can you see the triangle in the dog’s eyes?

The Bully stands about 18-22 inches and weighs 45-50 pounds, approximately.  He has strong bones and muscles from head to tail.

The Bull Terrier needs little grooming other than an occasional brushing.  Also, make sure you have your dog’s nails cut regularly by your groomer, vet, or, if you have the knowledge and experience, yourself.

The Bully is not a lazy dog.  He likes to have a job or activity that he does every day.  This could be anything from jogging with his human to running an agility course.

This breed excels in dog agility, obedience, rally, and many other sports.  Bull Terriers can be a little stubborn but are still very intelligent.

The Bull Terrier has to be trained if you want a good, obedient dog.  Basic commands such as sit, lay down, heel, and stay will keep your dog safe and under control.  It’s your duty to make your dog behave well in public and not bark or jump on anyone and scare them.  I know that your Bully is just a little goofball to you, but to others he looks quite frightening.

800px-Bull_Terrier_R_01Often, the Bull Terrier is classified as a “pit bull.”  Why?  The reason is that these dogs were originally bred for fighting.  People would make bets, put two dogs in a pit, and make them fight.  It was a terribly cruel thing and is now against the law in most countries.  However, the Bully did not make a good fighting dog.  People were disappointed in him, but they soon found that he was a very efficient rat killer.  Now, however, people are nervous and frightened around these dogs.  How come, you ask?  Because people have been irresponsible dog owners.  They let their dog grow up without manners or training, letting him challenge their authority.  Perhaps they even encouraged aggression, thinking it would mold their Bully into a perfect guard dog.  This is never, never a good idea.  The dog will bite someone.  Now, please don’t get upset and put away any thoughts of getting a Bull Terrier.  They are still friendly, alert, loyal dogs who love their humans and even new people.  However, if you choose to be irresponsible and not socialize and train your Bully, you will end up with a dog who is a danger to you and others.  Please be a responsible pet owner!  Take your terrier to dog training classes starting at puppyhood, make sure he knows his place in the pack, and supervise him with children to prevent any bites.

The lifespan of the Bull Terrier is about 10-14 years.  Always feed your dog good, nutritious meals and exercise him often to help him live the longest he can.751px-Bullterrier

The Bully comes in many, many different colors.  He can be a solid color (like the popular white) or have a collage of several different colors.

Bull Terriers need fun but firm training.  They can be a bit stubborn, but, if you begin training your dog early on, it will be easier for both of you.  Encourage your Bully with toys and yummy treats, and always remember to praise him for a job well done (or, for that matter, even halfway done).  Read the Tricks Page to get you and your dog started on this fun and exciting journey.

Bull Terriers are loved for their fun-loving attitudes and friendly nature.  With their adorable egg-shaped head, they are sure to make you laugh with their jokes.Rufita