418px-Buldog_angielski_000plOne story tells that the Bulldog was first bred to bait bulls.  People were amused by the Bulldog irritating the bull and made this a “sport” in about 1204.  Bull-baiting became illegal in 1835, and there was danger of this splendid breed becoming extinct.  Thanks to the continued breeding of the Bulldog by Mr. Bill George, we still have this wonderful dog that we know and love today.

800px-1._2006,_May_29_097This breed comes in mixes of black, red, brindle, piebald, white, and fawn.  Most of the time, the male Bulldog will weigh about 50-55 pounds and the females 40-50 pounds.  This type of dog lives 8-10 years.  The Bulldog’s tail is not docked to make it shorter, as many breeds with short tails are.  Their tail is naturally short and looks rather like a stub.

The Bulldog’s coat only needs a daily brushing and a rub-down.  Their human should be careful not to leave this kind of dog outside in too hot of weather.

Bulldogs, despite their rough history, are very gentle dogs who love children and make excellent family pets.  The Bulldog is typically good with other animals and gets along well with other family pets.  Most Bulldogs are very patient and friendly and adore being with their humans as much as possible.

Good dog!Riley_and_Roie_bulldogs_2006

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