young dalmatain

Dalmatians are famous for their spotted coat and are often referred to as “firehouse dogs”.  This wonderful dog used to run alongside horse-drawn fire engines to calm the horses.  Dalmatians are still used today as the firehouse mascot.

Three month old Dalmatian puppy

Dalmatians usually have litters of 9 to 13 puppies, but some litters can be as big as 18 puppies.  When Dalmatians are first born they are pure white with no spots whatsoever.  At three weeks of age, Dalmatians usually have all their spots. The Dalmatian’s coat is short, and they shed all year around.  Regular brushing will keep the shedding down.  These cute dogs do not have a doggy smell and stay pretty clean.

The Dalmatian’s eyes can be brown, amber, or blue.  Some of these dogs have mismatched eyes.

About 70% of Dalmatians  have normal hearing. Some Dalmatians are deaf. Blue eyed Dalmatians are more likely to be deaf than those with brown eyes.

Dalmatians are loving, loyal, and smart dogs.  They excel in dog sports, being a watchdog, and hunting.  They are a wonderful family dog and love to be with their humans.

Good dog!



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