French Bulldog

With bat-like ears and a wrinkly face, the French Bulldog – affectionately nicknamed “Frenchie” – definitely has a unique look.  These lovable dogs are charming, loyal, and intelligent, and their distinctive look is sure to draw a crowd of admirers wherever you go.

The origin of the French Bulldog is unknown, but it is very probable that they developed from the English Bulldog.  At first, the Frenchie was more like a smaller version of the Bulldog, but, when it came to France, the look of the breed changed.  Perhaps it bred with a terrier for those bat ears and a pug for the snub-nosed face.  Whatever the case, the breed’s appearance became very unique.  When this breed first started to developed its signature bat ears, however, most people wanted it eliminated as they preferred a shape of ear called rose, which is more floppy.  Thankfully, Americans preferred the terrier-like ears and kept them in existence.

French Bulldog puppy

Frenchies are short, stocky little dogs standing at 11-13 inches and weighing under 28 pounds according to the American Kennel Club.  Their lifespan is 10-12 years.  Always feed your dog good, nutritious meals and exercise him regularly to help him live the longest he can.

Frenchies require very little grooming.  A quick brushing to remove shed hair every once in a while is enough for their short, one-layer coats.  Also, make sure you have your dog’s nails cut regularly by your groomer, vet, or, if you have the knowledge and experience, yourself.

Frenchies are trainable but can be stubborn

A French Bulldog isn’t the type of dog that would want to go jogging with you.  They require short daily walks to keep them from getting overweight, but, after that, they’d love to chill on the couch and watch Netflix with you.

Frenchies are very intelligent, but they can be stubborn sometimes.  However, they like to please their owners, especially if they get rewarded with food!  French Bulldogs can be trained with time and patience and can even excel in dog sports if the handler is willing to invest time in his training.

The French Bulldog comes in many colors, some of which are brindle, cream, white, fawn, and a mixture of any of these.No breed is perfect, and the Frenchie does have a few tendencies which could lead to trouble.  While they will sit on your lap and cuddle, French Bulldogs have a guarding instinct, and they can become territorial and suspicious of strangers.  Because of this, getting your French Bulldog around different people, animals, and places while he is still a puppy is vital if you want a well-behaved adult.  Another potential problem is that this breed is apt to drool (and shed), which could be a problem if you are allergic to dog saliva.  Also, French Bulldogs cannot tolerate the heat.  While their snub-nosed faces are cute, they present a problem.  French Bulldogs can’t breath as efficiently as dogs will long snouts, which means that they will require air conditioning and mustn’t be exercised or left outside on hot days.  Also, they are sensitive to cold weather as they have a thin coat.  If you live where it gets very cold during winter, you will have to put a sweater on your Frenchie to keep him warm.

French Bulldogs are a wonderful choice for people who want a dog but don’t want to spend an hour exercising it.  Also, they are good for families with young children who want a small dog.  Not only are they super adorable with their one-of-a-kind features, Frenchies will also warm your lap, warn you of strangers approaching your house, and amuse you with their funny antics.

Good dog!