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The Golden Retriever has a calm, happy personality and is the favorite breed of many.  This breed’s gorgeous coat has also won many an admiring glance!

golden on pathAccording to the American Kennel Club,  a certain Lord Tweedmouth picked out the only yellow pup in a litter of black Retrievers.  Breeding this puppy later on, a few of the puppies in the litters turned out to be yellow also.  Lord Tweedmouth originally bred the dogs for hunting, an activity the dog still enjoys today.  Thanks to him, we now have the Golden Retriever that we know and love today.

These Retrievers stand about 20-24 inches (females will be shorter) and weigh in about 55-75 pounds (again, females will weight less).

Have you ever seen a Golden Retriever that has just been brushed out in the sunshine?  It’s absolutely stunning!  However, you can’t expect this Retriever to always look like it has a luxurious coat if you don’t brush it.  If you want to keep your dog looking his best, brush him every day to remove any tangles and dirt.  Also, make sure you have your dog’s nails cut regularly by your groomer, vet, or, if you have the knowledge and experience, yourself.

Some people would describe the Golden Retriever as having “medium energy.”  He likes to exercise and get moving, but he will also be happy at the end of the day to lay at your feet.  He is not, however, a couch potato!  If your dream dog is one who will sit on the couch with you and watch Netflix, please don’t get a Golden Retriever.golden agility

Golden Retrievers are smart and compete in many activities.  They excel in dog agility, conformation, obedience, rally, flyball, and dock jumping.  Also, because of their original training, they are excellent hunting dogs.  These dogs are often used as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and bomb sniffers.

golden training

Golden Retrievers are easily trained

In order to keep your dog and others safe at home and especially in public, you need to teach your Golden Retriever basic commands.  Thankfully, they are smart and enjoy training as long as you keep it fun.  Check out the Tricks Page to get you and your Retriever started on this fun and exciting journey.

The lifespan of the Golden Retriever is about 10-12 years.   Always feed your dog good, nutritious meals and exercise him often to help him live the longest he can.

The Golden Retriever, naturally, comes in a golden color.  The golden hue, however, will vary.  Sometimes, the dog will be so yellow that he is almost white, or he will be so golden that it is a golden-brown.  There are also in-between colors where the dog looks like honey.  They are all very beautiful!

rosie so cute

The Golden Retriever is smart, gentle, loyal, and a great choice for families with children.  A perfect dog for a person who wants a dog who’ll fetch, they will happily pick up and rearrange your shoes and TV remotes.  These Retrievers love to learn new tricks and compete in dog sports, but, most of all, they love being with you.

Good dog!

golden with ram

Want to learn even more about the Golden Retriever?  Check out the Golden Retriever Club of America.




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  1. I don’t like her too much. She likes to chase me and chew on my feet. Silly Rosie! For the most part, though, I just ignore her.

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