Jack Russell Terrier

800px-JackRussellsJack Russell Terriers were originally bred to hunt and dig up badgers and foxes out of their dens.  Jack Russells still have a great love for digging today.


Rough-coated Jack Russell

These terriers are 10-15 inches high at the withers and weigh 14-18 pounds.  They are typically white with brown and/or black and tan spots.  Jack Russells come in rough or smooth coats and have dark colored eyes.  They can live 13-16 years when they are taken well cared of.

Jack Russell Terriers tend to dislike other dogs and sometimes new people, so it is very important  to introduce your Jack Russell to many new people and animals when he is very young so he will be a better dog when he grows up.  Early training is highly recommended with this breed because they can become a little stubborn when they’re older and will need to learn manners.

Jack Russell Terriers have much energy.  They never seem to tire!  This terrier needs many toys to keep him busy.  A daily walk will let out some of that bottled-up energy.  Jack Russells, because of their energy level, do not do well in apartments.  My doggy friend Lacy is a  rough-coated Jack Russell Terrier mix, and has a lot of energy.  She seems to be everywhere at once!

428px-Jack_Russell_Terrier_LolaJack Russells may not be the dog for you if you like to have a nice, neat yard.  They love to dig, due to instinct, and love to get their little paws in the dirt.  Always inspect your fences regularly if you own a Jack Russell, because he might try to dig a hole, slip under the fence, and get lost.  Always attach an ID tag to your dog’s collar.

Because of their high-energy level, Jack Russell Terriers do well in dog agility, flyball, and obedience.  They love to work and have something to do!

Jack Russell Terriers are affectionate and intelligent.  They love to hike, go for walks, and run in the yard.  They make great companions and love to be with their humans.

Good dog!



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