Labrador Retriever

Voted the most popular dog in the US, it’s no wonder people are so fond of them.  Labrador Retrievers are athletic, intelligent, friendly, and gentle dogs who are good at competitive sports as well as being a family pet.

The Lab originated in Newfoundland, where some type of water dog was likely bred with a Newfoundland to create the St. John’s Waterdog.  This waterdog would later become the modern Labrador Retriever we know and love today.

Labs stand 22-24 inches and weigh 55-70 pounds.  They need little coat attention other than a quick daily brushing.  Labradors have a double coat and shed year round, so keep a vacuum handy!  Make sure you have your dog’s nails cut regularly by your groomer, vet, or, if you have the knowledge and experience, yourself.

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred to be hardworking retrievers (hence the name), so they need much exercise.  Games of fetch are good, especially if you have a large yard, but there should also be a daily walk/run to keep this dog sane.  My humans used to have a Lab who chewed the siding off of their house when she was bored!

Labrador Retrievers are renowned for their intelligence and eagerness to please.  They catch on quickly and enjoy doing tasks for their owners.  Such intelligence should not go to waste!  Training your Lab will give him a sense of purpose as well as something to think about.  Also, training your dog is necessary if you want to have a controlled dog in public.  Commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, and leave it keep your dog and others safe.

The Labrador Retriever has tried his paw at virtually all dog sports and loved them!  Some of these sports are conformation, rally, agility, flyball dock jumping, lure coursing, obedience, and, of course, hunting.  They are also a top pick when it comes to assistance dogs for the disabled and make excellent therapy dogs.

The lifespan of the Labrador Retriever is 10-14 years.  Exercise your dog daily and feed him balanced meals to help him live his fullest.

Labrador Retrievers come in three solid colors: yellow, chocolate, and black.  Silver, red, and white coats are disqualified colors according to the American Kennel Club.

Labrador Retrievers are a loyal, hardworking, intelligent, and fun breed.  They are very gentle and forgiving with children, still enjoy retrieving, and love being near their humans.

Good dog!