Mixed Breeds

Bode_mix_breed Mixed Breeds are one of a kind!  Varying in size and temperament, they make wonderful companions for those looking for a unique dog.

Mixed breeds are dogs who had parents who were different breeds.  For instance, if a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle mate, they will have mixed breed puppies (though this mix is commonly called a Labradoodle, it is not a “proper” breed).  However, just because they aren’t an “official” breed doesn’t mean that mixed breeds don’t make good pets.  In fact, some of the best pet dogs have been mixed breeds.

sleepy Lacy

My best doggy friend, Lacy Mae, is a mixed breed.  She is a Jack Russell Terrier/Lhasa Apso mix.  This doggy is one of a kind!  She has a passion for balls and stuffed toys and loves to run around the yard.  Lacy is very intelligent and always ready for some action!

Mixed breeds need exactly what purebred dogs need: healthy, wholesome food, fresh water every day, shelter from hot and cold weather, plenty of exercise, and love from their human.  Many people like to get a mixed breed dog because they are cheaper to buy than a purebred dog and come in many unique colors and hair types.  Some say that they are healthier than purebred dogs.

When buying a mixed breed puppy, you need to consider the risk you are taking.  You don’t know how big the dog will get or what his temperament will be.  Ask the breeder/shelter/rescue what breed both parents were so you can estimate how big the dog will get and how it will act with children, other pets, etc.  Study the different breeds carefully, estimate how big the dog will get, and decide if that’s the dog you want.  Mixed breeds make great pets!Bernedoodle_Adolescent

Mixed breeds can learn tricks just like purebred dogs.  They can also compete in dog agility, flyball, dock jumping, herding, obedience, and many other sports too.  Who knows, your mixed breed might be a potential dog sport champ!

A lot of the dogs that are turned into shelters are mixed breeds.  Some mutt puppies are the result of someone’s unplanned litter or a breeder who thoughtlessly bred mixed puppies and didn’t want to take the time to find them all homes.  These pups are just the same as purebred ones and just want a good home.  Another plus is that shelters don’t charge an arm and a leg to buy a cute, lovable puppy.  Some charge as low as $50!  Check out your shelter and see if they have any mixed breed dogs who would fit your lifestyle.

Mixed breeds make loving pets.  They are faithful companions to their very last breath and love being with their human.

Good dogs!mixed breed running

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