-Prince-_(7216225820)Meet the Rottweiler!  Sometimes affectionately called “Rottie”, this breed is renowned for his (or her) guarding instincts.  Though wary of strangers, the Rottie is very devoted to his owners.

Rottweiler_AaronIt is uncertain where Rottweilers first originated, but it is thought that they have descended from a breed from Rome.  In fact, when the Roman Emperors decided to take over Europe, they needed a robust dog with strong guarding instincts to watch over their animals.  The Rottweiler was the perfect fit!

A male Rottweiler will stand about 24-27 inches while a female will be 22-25 inches, approximately.  Their weight can range from 77-130 pounds.

Rottweilers don’t need much grooming.  Their short coats need only an occasional brushing.  Make sure your dog’s nails don’t get too long.  If you think they need a cut, ask your vet or groomer to trim them.  Don’t attempt to cut your dog’s nails if you don’t know how.  You could easily hurt your canine companion.

Rottweilers are “people” dogs.  In other words, they love to be near their humans.  These dogs do not make great outdoor dogs because of this.  A lonely Rottie could easily get into more trouble than you could handle.

If you choose to get a Rottweiler, be aware of the responsibility you are taking on.  You will Rottweiler_kopf_3have to handle a dog who is probably far more powerful than you.  If he chose to, your Rottie could drag you down the street, leash and all.  Rottweilers are renowned for their guarding instincts.  Therefore, you will have to make sure that your Rottie does not grow up aggressive.  Rottweilers are naturally wary of strangers.  If they think someone is trying to break into your house, they will attack.  This could be very bad if the assumed burglar turns out to be a visiting friend.  Because of this, ROTTWEILERS HAVE TO BE SOCIALIZED.  A new situation or person could provoke aggression from this dog.  As a Rottie owner, it is your responsibility to get him around very many different situations, people, and other animals while he is still young.  I heartily recommend that you enroll your Rottweiler in a dog obedience class.  This way, he will be in a different situation and around other people and dogs.  If you ever see aggression in your dog, consult a professional dog trainer right away.

Rottweilers need daily exercise.  If their exercise needs are not met, these dogs can become bored and destructive.  Take your dog for a long walk around the neighborhood, and then play a nice game of fetch.  Or you could take your Rottie to the dog park to run off his energy with other dogs.03_Snow_Bunny_Talitha_Rottweiler


Rottweilers were originally bred to be guard dogs and protect livestock.  Because of this, they now excel in herding.  They are also very good at search and rescue, being guide dogs for the blind, and working as police dogs.  They excel in many dog sports such as dog agility and obedience.

-Prince-_(6302921969)The average lifespan of a Rottweiler is 8-10 years.  Make sure that you exercise your Rottie often, and feed him healthy meals so he will happily live into his senior years.  Also, by not feeding your dog people food, he will be healthier.

Rottweilers only come in black with brown, rust, or tan markings.

The Rottweiler HAS TO BE trained if you want a good, obedient dog.  Basic commands such as sit, lay down, and come will keep this large, powerful dog under control.  Fortunately, Rotties are very intelligent and can be a lot of fun to train.  Also, training your dog will keep his mind sharp and help keep boredom away.

Sometimes, you will hear something in the news about a Rottweiler attacking someone.  This can be very frightening when you think of a 100+ pound dog biting you!  However, these attacks are not totally the dog’s fault.  It’s mostly the owner’s.  The owner probably didn’t socialize the dog or train him in basic obedience.  Or, even worse, the owner encouraged aggression, thinking that it would mold the dog into the perfect guard.  It didn’t.  The dog attacked an innocent person.  NEVER encourage aggression in your Rottie.  Even when he is only a little puppy, correct biting and nipping.  Think of it this way: Do I want the behavior in this 9 pound puppy in a 100 pound dog?  Be a responsible dog owner and take the time to teach your Rottie what is right.1Rottweiler_puppy_Chica

Though typically good with children, Rottweilers will not tolerate being teased or pulled on excessively.  An innocent child could pull on a Rottie’s ear too hard and provoke a growl or, even worse, a bite.  Never leave a Rottweiler alone with children.  Teach your children to respect the dog and not crowd him or be rough.

Rottweilers are loved for their protective instincts and sometimes goofy attitudes towards life.  These dogs bond closely with their owners, and a well behaved Rottie is a joy to be around.

Good dog!670px-Rottweiler_puppy_face