Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie in cageThe Yorkshire Terrier originated in the 19th century in Yorkshire, England.  This adorable dog was first bred to catch mice.  The Yorkshire Terrier is nicknamed Yorkie for short and belongs to the Toy Group.

long haired yorkieThe Yorkshire Terrier comes in mixtures of black, dark grey, tan, and brown.  Some of these dogs can even have silver in their silky coat.  The Yorkshire Terrier can keep its coat cut short or let it grow out long.

The Yorkshire Terrier loves attention.  The breed can become overprotective of their humans.  It is a good idea to keep this dog around other people and animals while he is still young so the he will be a better dog when he grows up.

The Yorkie has much energy and is easy to train.  This cute dog tends to be a big barker which makes him an excellent guard dog even though he is small.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a loving dog, energetic and curious.  They do well in human assistance and make an excellent family dog.

Good dog!

cute yorkie


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