Dogs and Cars

dog on carIt’s really fun to bring your dog out in the car.  You can go to the dog park and throw your dog’s favorite ball or take a nice walk.  But there are some things to be aware of which are not fun and are very dangerous for your four-legged friend.

Hot and Cold

Do not ever leave your dog alone in the car.  When it is even a little hot outside, your car will trap the heat inside, along with your dog.  So many dogs have died from being left in a hot car. So please never leave your dog in a car alone when it’s even a little hot outside.

Also, when it’s cold, it’s dangerous for your dog to be left alone in the car with no heat.  Your car will become like a refrigerator, trapping all the cold air into the car and freezing your dog.  Don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car when it’s cold outside.

If it’s either hot or cold outside, it is very, very dangerous for dogs to be left alone in the car.  And I should know, being a dog myself.  If you leave your dog alone in the car, he’s at risk of either burning or freezing to death.  Trust me; either of these would be a horrible way to die.  So play it safe, and leave someone in the car while you’re running into the store, so the heat or air-conditioning can run while you’re gone.

If you don’t have a second person to stay with your dog, you may need to hold off on that shopping trip.  Do the shopping trip after you’ve dropped your dog off at home.  It’s better safe than sorry.

dogs in car window

Open Windows

When you’re driving along with your dog in the car, don’t ever let him hang his head out of the window.  I know this is great for dogs, as we get to “smell the smells”, but it is very dangerous.

Trash can get into a dog’s eyes and hurt him very badly, or he could jump out of the car.  Once, I heard about a dog who jumped out of his human’s car.  So don’t ever give your dog a chance to jump.  He could really hurt himself, or run away.

dog in back of truck

In the Back of the Truck

Putting your dog in the back of your truck is very dangerous.  Dogs can get trash in their eyes just like with open windows or jump out of the truck.  Your dog could end up with several broken bones,or you could be tacking “lost dog” posters all over the town.  If your dog absolutely must be in the truck, tether him to the vehicle.  But remember, dogs in the backs of trucks is really not a good idea.

Remember these safety tips before you take your dog out in the car!  Have fun!

white dog in car

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