Five Fun Sports To Do With Your Dog


Dog agility is a fast and fun sport where you guide your dog through an obstacle course, trying to do it as quickly as possible without any mistakes.  Your dog will leap over jumps, snake through weave poles, race through tunnels, walk up A-frames, and much more.  Every course is different from the last, which adds to the fun.  Owners have to direct their dogs through the course with verbal cues and hand signals, and dogs have to pay attention to the commands in order to run a fast and clean race.  Read more about dog agility here.


If you have a purebred who lives up to the breed’s standard, perhaps you should think about entering a dog show!  Though it can also be a sport solely for pleasure, owners mostly do it so they can breed show-quality puppies who match up to the breed’s blueprint.  A judge will look at your dog’s body build, gait, teeth, and overall demeanor to see if he (or she) is an ambassador of the breed.


In Rally, there are signs which tell you which commands your dog is to perform in front of a judge.  The owner is allowed to use verbal commands and encouragement as well as hand signals to direct their dog.  If you’re competing in Novice, you can compete with your dog leashed, but Advanced and Excellent competitors must perform off-leash.


This sport usually excludes all breeds but the terrier.  In Earthdog, your dog will navigate through safe, wooden tunnels through the ground to find a caged rat.  There will be bend(s) through his journey, and he has to use his nose and instinct to determine which will lead him to his goal.  If you’re tired of your terrier digging tunnels in your yard, this could be a good way to channel his instinct to something less destructive.


In tracking, your dog follows a scent to find a person.  Your dog will have to go across different surfaces and areas to reach his goal.  Also, if you are interested in doing search and rescue in the future, this is where you start.

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