Guest Post: Kitty the Cat

Greetings, fans!  It is I, Kitty the Cat.  I am taking over Doggy Times today as it is International Cat Day.  Ugh, it smells like wet dog on this blog!  Anyway, I will be offering tips on how to help your cat and dog get along.

Give Them Space

This is very important for cats.  We are small and easily feel threatened.  If your cat is skittish around your dog, keep the latter leashed.  Do not let your canine chase the feline.  That will teach the cat that your dog is an enemy.

I want to discuss the relationship between Sissy and me.  When I first showed up at my humans’ doorstep, Sissy was furious.  She barked at the door and wanted to chase me away.  However, over time Sissy got used to me.  Now, she doesn’t pay me any attention unless I bat her with a paw.  Then, she barks and chases me, which is only fair.

Rosie and I are a different matter.  She loves to play, and I do too.  However, sometimes I get tired of her constant energy and need an escape.  I either climb a tree or go in the basement.  These are my safe spaces.  Always make sure that your cat has a safe space to retreat to when in the presence of your dog.

If your cat and dog do not get along, don’t force friendship on them.  Train your dog to leave your cat alone using the Leave It command.

Hand Out Treats

When your cat and dog are together, give them both treats.  This will calm them down and teach them that this interaction is rewarding and fun.  Personally, I love little pieces of bread (not the crust, though.  That’s nasty!).  Rosie loves meat-flavored treats and Sissy enjoys…well, pretty much anything.

Spend Time With Pets Separately

It’s important to still spend time separately with your pets.  Cats and dogs can feel jealous of each other.  Chill with your cat alone.  Make sure to pet and take your dog on private walks.


If you have a puppy or young dog, expose him/her to cats.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t plan on owning a cat; do it anyway.  One day, your dog will meet up with a feline.  If he has been exposed to cats, he will not freak out.  You can take your dog to a store like Petsmart to look at shelter kitties behind a glass.  Or, if you have a friend with a dog-friendly feline, ask if they can meet.

Besides, you never know when a stray cat will show up at your doorstep demanding entrance.  Then, you just might be the lucky owner of a cat and able to celebrate International Cat Day.

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