Happy 4th of July!

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The 4th of July is a great holiday, full of dazzling fireworks and waving flags.  But this holiday can be very frightening to dogs.

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Fireworks can frighten dogs

Fireworks create big “booms”.  Your dog can hear much better than you, so the “booms” are very loud to him.  This is  frightening to dogs and can make us cry.  Help your dog by putting him in the room where it is hardest to hear the fireworks.  Give him a very yummy bone to get his mind off of the loud fireworks.  Also, give him very special treat and praise him for ignoring the fireworks while he eats it.  Fireworks are scary to dogs, but if you distract your dog and tell him it’s alright, he’ll soon forget about his fears.

Flags are great to have in your yard on the 4th of July, but make sure they don’t scare your dog.  If your dog has never seen a flag flapping in the yard, he might become alarmed and bark at it.  If your dog shows fear or aggression towards the flag, take it into your house and show it to your dog.  Give him a treat, telling him he’s a good dog, while he observes the flag.  This way, he will see that the flag is nothing to worry about.

If you have a party on this holiday, make sure not to forget your dog.  Parties can be confusing to dogs, and we tend to get underfoot.  Put your dog in his cage or a room where it is quiet, and give him some toys and a bone to keep him company.  Also, make sure to follow these party safety rules:

  • Put all purses and bags on top of the counter, away from your dog.
  • Don’t feed your dog any candy.
  • Make sure your dog is not underfoot, so he doesn’t get stepped on.  Ouch!
  • If your dog gets very excited when company arrives, put on his leash so he won’t jump on anyone.
  • Before company arrives, take your dog for a long walk or play a game of fetch.  This way, your dog will be tired during the party and won’t be jumping all over everybody.  He will be very happy to lay on his bed and chew on his bone.

Following these safety rules, your dog can enjoy the party happily and safely.

4th of July can be scary to many dogs, but if you distract your dog from the fireworks and take a little time to give him some extra attention his stress can be greatly reduced.


Happy 4th of July from Sissy!


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