Help! My Dog is Hyper!

Your dog is constantly active and keeps you on your toes.  He lunges during walks, jumps on anyone despite training, and feels like 10 P.M. is the perfect time to bring you all of his toys, begging for yet another game of fetch.  Congratulations, dog owner!  You have a hyper dog!  Don’t feel as if you’re the only one with a hyper pup, though.  Nearly all young dogs are classified as “hyper” and “rowdy.” As long as your dog is well exercised, this is just something you have to adjust to, not fix.  A hyper dog is simply a sign of a dog with much energy and life, which is what you want in a young canine.  There are some things you can do, however, to curb the hyperactivity:

  • Exercise, of course, and lots of it!  Missing an occasional day of exercising is okay as long as the majority of the time you get your pup to work out.  It might help to make a schedule on your phone or calendar about what activity you do each day to exercise your dog.
  • Mind games can help burn mental energy, which hyper dogs have much of.  You can buy a mind game or make one of your own with plastic cups.  Hide a treat under one of three upside down cups, mix them together, and let your dog sniff it out!  Another mind trick is to ask your dog stay, and then hide a treat somewhere – under a chair in the same room for beginners or totally hidden behind an object for experts.  Let your dog watch you hide the treats until he gets the idea of the game.
  • A busy brain equals a tired dog!  Train your dog fun tricks to keep his mind and body contently tired!
  • When your dog is being hyper, ignore him.  While some dogs are just so full of energy that they can barely control themselves, it is always best to not give him any attention during such episodes.  Is your dog jumping on you?  Turn your back until your dog stops.  Then, ask for a sit.  If he continues to jump, repeat until you get the behavior you want.  Some dogs can’t help being so full of energy, but you shouldn’t reward hyper activities…well, in most cases.  Read the tip below to learn about a hyper activity that you can reward!
  • A lot of the time, when you give a hyper dog an active job, he begins to calm down as he has an outlet for his excess energy.  Activities that are good for hyperactive dogs include dog agility, herding, obedience, lure coursing, disc dog, dock jumping, flyball, and tracking.

Is Your Dog Hyper or Under Exercised?

Many dog owners think their dog is hyper when he’s actually not getting enough exercise.  Imagine being inside most of the day, sleeping.  After too much of this, you would feel the need to get active.  You need to make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise in his day to feel content and stay healthy.  You can’t simply put your dog in the backyard and expect him to exercise himself; most likely he will just sleep without your motivation.  You need to get your dog active, which will fix the hyper issue in this case.  Consult your vet on how to to appropriately exercise your dog according to his age and breed.

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