How to Decrease Dog Behavior Problems

Too often, people forget to spend time with their canine companions.  Dogs were bred to be at their humans’ sides, and we miss this as modern dogs.  Pet owners are always on the go, working, shopping, refreshing their social media feeds.  Set time aside for your faithful doggy each day, and you will see a change for the better in his behavior.

A tired dog is a happy dog.  Excess energy just leads to trouble with canines, with ripping furniture, digging through yards, and barking forced as the outlets.  Make sure you exercise your dog adequately each day, and you will see him calm in the evenings, ready to snuggle down at your feet and nap. Dogs weren’t bred to be robotic yard decorations.  They have intelligent minds which need to be put to work.  Training your dog will give him a sense of purpose and give his mind a non-destructive stimulus.  When your dog does something right, tell him.  All too often, owners forget to reward their dogs for jobs well done.  Did your dog sit for attention?  Good dog!  Did he refrain from jumping on a guest?  What a pup!

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