How to Handle a Hyper Dog When Guests Come Over

Full of energy, fun, and excitement, many dogs are put under the category “hyper.”  In fact, Rosie fits right in there.  It can be a lot of fun having a dog who is always ready to go and has excellent stamina, but it can also be tiring and hard.  And, when guests come over, it’s tempting just to lock your dog up in his crate or another room until all visitors have left.  While this can be a good idea if your guests are nervous around dogs or have small children, you must also remember that you need to expose your dog to such situations.  If you don’t teach your dog how to behave when visitors arrive, how will he ever learn?  So, if your guests are comfortable around dogs, this could be a very educating experience for your dog on manners!

First of all, call your friends before they arrive and tell them that your dog is hyper and is still learning manners.  Ask them not to pet your dog until he sits.  Until then, they must turn their backs and ignore him.  Leash your dog before any guests enter, arming yourself with delicious treats that your dog values.  Then, have your guests enter, say hello, and stand around, not mentioning your dog’s name or making eye contact with him.  You will probably be pretty busy holding onto your dog as he lunges and wiggles towards the guests, but remain in place.  Don’t let your dog advance, as this would only be rewarding him for rowdy behavior.  Also, don’t admonish your dog.  He thinks that this is the proper way to greet guests; stay positive and teach him the right way.  Show your dog that you have a treat and ask for a sit.  If he refuses to, remain calm and ask your guests to ignore your dog by turning their backs.  When your dog sits, give your dog a treat, and let the guests (calmly) come and pet your dog.  It might be hard to keep your dog sitting when he starts to get petted, so a better position for you might be to stand directly behind your dog, as close as possible, with your feet around him and hand on his chest.

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