Is a Solar Eclipse Safe For Your Dog?

On August 21st, a Great American Total Eclipse will occur, darkening the skies and causing temperatures to drop.  Looking at such an event could burn up your eyes, permanently blinding you.  As my humans were talking about going into a room with closed shades during the eclipse, it occurred to them that such an event could be dangerous for pets also.  While dogs rarely look up at the sun, a certain turning of the head or just a curious glance at the darkening skies could lead to blindness.  It’s probably unlikely that your dog will go blind from being outside during an eclipse, but it is always better to play it safe and not take unnecessary risks.  Look up what time and for how long the eclipse will occur in your area, and keep your dog in a room with the shades drawn during it.  Your dog might just nap during that time, or, if he gets bored, you could give him a bone or play an indoor game of fetch with him.  If he gets too rowdy for the confined space, you can always put him in his cage.  A few hours of cage time won’t hurt him; his eyesight is more important!

My human was researching eclipses and dogs and saw a picture of a dog wearing special eye-protecting glasses for an eclipse.  This, however, is not a good idea.  Dogs will shake off glasses or not keep them on their faces properly.  Please don’t take your dog to see the eclipse!  He doesn’t understand or care about it, and it could be very dangerous!

Stay safe during the 2017 eclipse!

*Don’t forget about other pets such as cats!  Bring them inside also during the eclipse to protect their eyes.

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