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A little while ago, my best doggy friend, Gretchen, died.  I miss her very much.  Even though she has passed on, her memory will live forever.

Gretchen’s parents got a new puppy, a little Jack Russell Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix.  She is white with brown spots, with little black circles around her eyes, and hair that looks like fuzz all over her mouth.  Her full name is Lacy Mae, but everyone calls her Lacy.  She loves to jump and run and act silly.  She is three months old now and very small.  But Lacy grows a little every day as all puppies do!

Lacy 1 Lacy loves to chase balls in the back yard.  She runs after them as fast as her little legs will carry her and then pounces on them with all her might!  She is showing the Jack Russell Terrier side of her.  Jack Russells usually love to chase balls and toys because they were first bred to hunt small animals.  They were trained to dig the animals out of their dens and chase them!  Lacy has already made a little hole in the backyard.

I met Lacy at a birthday party at my house.  Lacy is very active, and loves to play.  But I like to sit on peoples’ laps and get petted.  I’m getting older now and I like to rest a lot, even though I still enjoy running occasionally and playing tug with my rope.  Lacy wanted to play with me, but I didn’t feel like it.  Lacy didn’t mean to be rude, but she chased me wildly around the house.  I took refuge on somebody’s lap and watched her from there.  I tried to be very polite and show my best manners by treating Lacy gently.  I’m not as active as I used to be, and playing with a puppy can be hard.  I like Lacy a lot, but I didn’t want to run and jump with her all the time.  So I  rested in my cage at the beginning of the party and came out towards the end to see Lacy.

The second time I saw Lacy, things went better.  Outside, I sniffed the puppy and wagged my tail.  Lacy was very humble and showed respect for her elder.  She rolled over to show that I was boss, and crouched down low.  I appreciated that.  Inside  the house she wanted to play, but I was too tired from our meeting outside.  Whenever she came close, I turned my head to  show  that I didn’t want to play.  When she started nipping me too hard, I showed her that it hurt by pushing her.  I never hurt her because I know she is a baby and doesn’t mean any harm.  I rested in my cage a bit while she visited, to get a little peace.  Lacy is very active!

Lacy is teething now (a very painful business) and loves to chew, chew, and chew!  She loves Nylabones and her dog toys.  Even though she has a lot of toys, she still likes to chew on inappropriate things, like hands and feet.  But she is doing so much better at that and rarely bites feet now, although she is still mouthing hands every once in a while.  Lacy loves to ride the mop when her mommy cleans the floor, and it seems as if her nose is constantly on the ground!  She is a regular vacuum!

Lacy is very cute and growing up fast.  I hope that we can be good friends once she matures and learns not to nip at me.  But she’s just a puppy, and all she wants to do is have fun.  I think Lacy deserves a loud bow-wow.  Bow-wow!

Lacy 2


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