Meet Rosie!

rosie nobleMy new sister, Rosie, arrived Monday.  She was born on March 27, so she is now 7 weeks old.  Rosie is a Golden Retriever, and my humans think she is very cute.

rosie with sissy

Rosie wants to play with Sissy

In my opinion, however, I think that she is a very naughty little pup who ought to mind her manners!  One of my humans held Rosie and another held me while we sniffed.  The new addition was interested in me and, later on, tried to play.  Rosie walked up to me on wobbly legs and tried to catch hold of my ear.  Thankfully, one of my humans retrieved the Retriever and let me have some peace.  A couple of days later, however, Rosie decided to try to roughhouse with me again.  I gave her a little nip that made her yelp to tell her that she shouldn’t chase me or pull on my tail.  That hurts, Rosie!

rosie riding home

Rosie riding home

Rosie did well on the 2 hour ride home.  She didn’t get carsick or go potty in the car.  Rosie did, however, relieve herself on the kitchen floor when she got home!

rosie with bone

Rosie with one of her favorite toys

Rosie didn’t cry when she was put in her cage for the night.  My humans gave her a stuffed animal to lay with and used an app on their Ipad that made a thumping noise that sounded a lot like Rosie’s siblings’ heartbeats.  This made the puppy feel like her mother and siblings were near, calming her down.

While my humans ate dinner the first night Rosie arrived, they put her in her cage that was nearby.  The puppy screamed the whole time and went potty in the cage.  Then she practically danced in her mess while yipping and yapping!  So, on day #1 at her new home, Rosie got a bath, even though the breeder had given her one that same day!

rosie silly

Silly Rosie!

Rosie is teething and loves to chew.  Her new toys are fun, but socks and chair legs are much tastier!  She also sleeps a lot, which can be good (she is a lot of work!).  Of course, Rosie doesn’t know to potty outside, so she will relieve herself anywhere she stands.  We’ll work on that, won’t we, Rosie?  rosie sleeping

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