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Kitty a black cat


Meet my good friend and roommate, Kitty, the cat.  Kitty is famous for her amazing antics while attacking the leather couch, sleeping on laps, and being an all-around snob.  While she is a little stuck-up, she’s a much loved family member.  She likes to swipe sips out of my water bowl, swat my fluffy tail, and looks absolutely adorable while doing something naughty.  Hating cold and wet weather, Kitty likes to spend half of the day indoors and the other half out.  Even though I don’t say so in front of my peers, I really am fond of this jet-black cat.

Kitty was found at my human’s doorstep, alone and hungry.  Being just a lonely kitten, Kitty kitty looking upmeowed at the door until my humans finally saw her.  Feeling sorry about how skinny and frightened she looked, they gave her some food. Because they didn’t have any cat food on hand, they gave her a bowl of my dog food.  I have to admit that this hurt my feelings very much, and I did not like the idea of sharing my humans with a cat.  But, after a while, Kitty began to grow on me.  Now I can’t imagine life without her!  Thought to be dumped on the road as an unwanted kitten, Kitty came to my home and stayed.  My humans weren’t sure at first if they wanted to keep Kitty.  They were also nervous about her being moody, biting someone, and all of the extra expenses.  But this little cat, with her bright yellow eyes, grew on them immensely, and they made a final decision. Kitty had found a forever home.  She was brought to the vet, given her shots, and brought back home as an official family member.  I’m told that she meowed all the way to and from the vet’s. Kitty, I think, is now three years old, although I’m not sure because my humans had no idea how old Kitty was when we first found her.  But the veterinarian looked at her teeth and guessed her age.  It’s amazing how they can do that!  Despite my humans’ concerns about owning a cat, they found Kitty to be a very friendly and loving cat.  She was sociable with strangers who came to the house to visit, rubbed against my owners’ legs, and enjoyed having her chin tickled or cheeks rubbed.  I think that’s just weird.  Who would want to have their cheeks rubbed or chin tickled?  I guess it’s just a cat thing.

Remember, at first I didn’t like Kitty at all.  We had a few small fights where I got a smack or two, and then we just stayed away from each other.  But now Kitty and I have wonderful games of tag.  I’ll chase her, push her with my paw, and then run away.  Kitty will do a few cool flips in the air, playfully smack me with her paw, and quickly scurry up the nearest tree.  She will try to mask it with her aloof ways and snobby looks, but I do believe Kitty likes me.  And, thanks to her, I now like felines.  I even give kisses to the cat at the groomer’s!

Kitty the catMy humans weren’t sure at first what to name Kitty.  They thought about some flower names like Daisy and a few favorite candies like the Kit-Cat (they actually almost named her that one; they thought it was funny that the candy bar name had the word “cat” in it), but none of those seemed to fit her.  They looked up cat names on the internet and had at last narrowed it down to two choices:  Katie and Kitty.  They thought deeply on the name Katie, but finally decided that Kitty would be the perfect name.  They chose this because when they first saw Kitty they said, “Here, Kitty, Kitty,” like people will sometimes do when they see a cat they don’t know.  Since she had already been responding to that name, they thought it to the best choice.

Kitty has many nicknames.  My humans have fondly nicknamed her Miss Noodles.  She has also grown into names like Taco, Fat Cat, Kittens, and Handle Bar.  My humans got the name “Miss Noodles” from the way her tail looked like a noodle, squiggling about.  They called her “Handle Bar” because of the way Kitty would curl her tail on the tip like a real handle bar.  Even though she has a lot of nicknames, her real name will always be Kitty.

While you may not guess it at one glance, Kitty and I are great pals.  When I think nobody is looking, I’ll give the cat a little kiss.

Thank you, Kitty, for making my life whole.

Sissy and Kitty

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