Quick Tip: Get Your Dog Used to Being Touched

Many dogs get upset when you want to pet certain spots, like, for instance, his snout, tail, paws, or inside his ears.  Why is this?

Most likely, you rarely if at all touch the inside of your dog’s ears.  If you do, your dog shrinks back, confused and perhaps even a little fearful.  This, however, is not the reaction you want from your pet.  Patient tolerance or even happiness should be your dog’s response to being handled.  To help your dog give such behavior, cuddle with your dog each day and touch his snout, tail, paws, and inside of his ears.  Always combine the touching with something positive: scratching your dog’s favorite spot afterwards, giving him treats while doing it, etc.  After getting your dog accustomed to being touched in such places, your dog will be well adjusted and ready for people – especially young children – who want to pat his snout, hold his paw, or feel his tail.

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