Rosie Turned 44 Weeks!

This week was definitely exciting, though not in a good way.  Since Tuesday, Rosie had been throwing up her food and acting lethargic.  She didn’t want to play ball or go on walks and hardly played with her indoor toys.  At first, it was thought that she had gotten into the cat litter and was suffering the after affects. By Saturday, however, nothing had changed, so the humans took her to the veterinarian.  The vet suspected she that had swallowed something harmful, and an X-ray was taken.  It turned out that she had some staples in her tummy!  What gave her the idea that those would be yummy?  In picture of the X-ray above, you can see one staple totally intact and some more crunched up above it.  Then, Rosie was sent to the animal hospital, which was about 45 minutes away.  It wasn’t a dire emergency, but the staples did need to come out so she could eat properly.  At the hospital, they pumped Rosie’s stomach with air to see if they could see the staples.  Unfortunately, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack.  So, that same day, Rosie had surgery to get them removed.  The veterinarian called to give the humans an update and told them that he had also found fibrous and hairy stuff stuck in her stomach.  They also called with another update tonight saying that she was recovering better than expected and was having no vomiting (hooray!).  Right now she is all cuddled up (and a little sore, of course!) at the hospital and eating food of gravy consistency.

My human tried to get some good pictures of Rosie for her weekly pics, but she was feeling sick and didn’t want to go outside and pose.  My human snapped a couple of pictures of her sitting on the stairs, looking very pathetic, and a cute head tilt.

My humans will pick up Rosie from the hospital tomorrow and most likely leave her at the local vet clinic for the night for monitoring.  Please say a prayer for Rosie as she heals!

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