Rosie’s 6th Puppy Class

Rosie knew that it was time for puppy class when the humans got out a bag of treats and snapped her leash on.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to go (I could smell those hot dog treats!), but I definitely wouldn’t have liked being in a strange building full of unruly puppies!  At this class, the furry students worked on extended and distraction-filled stays.

puppy class 6 rosie downTo the right is Rosie practicing Stay.  She was a bit distracted because of all of the other puppies, but she can do a good long stay when you manage to get her attention.  My human took four to five large steps away from her, did five jumping jacks, and returned to give her a treat.  Rosie didn’t budge and simply watched the odd activity, wondering why the human was wasting energy on silly exercises and not conserving it for puppy playtime afterwards.

puppy class 6 rosie adorable

“Feed me hot dogs!”

At the last class, my humans had a hard time getting Rosie’s attention towards the end of class, especially when they practiced loose leash walking.  Rosie didn’t care for her normal training treats and just wanted to watch the other puppies practice (lazy pup!).  This time, however, we brought hot dogs, which are Rosie’s greatest weakness.  She listened until she was too tired to, so we took a break and got some belly rubbing done.  Sometimes, you can boost your dog’s want to obey you by surprising him with a delicious treat.  Rosie only gets hot dogs at class for the more demanding commands, so they are extremely special.  Plus, these treats only cost 99 cents!

puppy class 6 rosie silly

puppy class 6 rosie and friendRosie and Xia have become best buds, and Rosie really wanted to go visit her while we were training.  The trainer gave permission for a short one, as it would help the dogs focus.  Oh, Rosie was so happy!  A friend to lick and play with!!  To her, any moving creature equals playtime.  Whenever she spots Kitty, the cat, Rosie’s tail starts wagging so hard as she attempts to make friends.  She goes about it the wrong way, however.  She tries to put her face under Kitty’s chin, which drives the cat nuts!  She also loves to play with beetles, as they run away and can be chased.  Crazy dog!

puppy class 6 puppy group

Time for puppy playtime!  Rosie couldn’t have been happier as Tiger and Luna played with her.  Xia preferred to run around the wrestling group and play in the water dish.  She also ran several times around the room like a racer dog!  Despite her being the smallest puppy in class, she is the fastest of all.  None of the bigger pups could catch her as she started her wild running!


puppy class 6 rosie and tiger

puppy class 6 rosies crazy face

puppy class 6 huddle

puppy class 6 all of the pups
The Labradoodle (on the far left) was the biggest pup there, but he was too tired to play.  He wanted to be pet by the people and take a nap.  He was so cute and friendly, with that shaggy coat and soulful brown eyes!  Luna, the little black dog on the table, was also an attention seeker, getting up high for more loving.


puppy class 6 rosie sniffs xia

There is only one more class before graduation class.  Rosie is very excited and just can’t wait!

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