Rosie’s New Toy And Tag

Today, the humans went to Petco and bought Rosie a new toy: a Tire Biter.  It’s a rope toy in a durable plastic tire, and the humans are hoping that it will survive Rosie’s chewing!

For those of you who were wondering, the Tire Biter is a perfect pillow (according to Rosie :) ).

Rosie also says that it is a wonderful toy because it has a hole in the tire to stick your nose through.  For some odd reason she loves to stick her nose in a cupped hand and the gaps between the couch cushions!  Because of this, toys with holes are paw-some choices for Rosie.

Rosie’s favorite playtime position is on her back.  She uses her paws like hands to put the toy in her mouth!

A few other toys have withstood Rosie’s jaws.  One is a lizard toy made out of fire hose, which I believe has lasted a whole year.  The cheap Wal-Mart rope toys are also very durable, but they probably won’t last for years.  Rosie recently took one apart with some determined chewing, but she thankfully did not ingest any.  Rosie is never allowed to play with her toys when the humans are gone because she believes everything is safe to eat!  Another of Rosie’s super tough toys is the KONG.  Rosie has had this toy since puppyhood and has yet to make a tooth dent in it.  It still bounces very well despite being accidentally left outside in the rain.  Also, it is Rosie’s all-time favorite toy.  However, she usually isn’t allowed to play with it inside.  When she does, she coats it with slobber and pushes it into people’s laps!  Ew!  Therefore, it is an outdoors-only toy, which makes it all the more special.

Rosie mysteriously loosened her ID tag and lost it in the yard.  She liked to scratch it with her hind feet, so her sharp claws probably pried it loose.  My humans bought her a new one and secured it with two steel rings this time.  It shouldn’t be able to fall off now, and Rosie will have identification if ever she should get lost.

Rosie loves her sparkly new tag!

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