Rosie’s Puppy Class


Rosie is ready for puppy class!

Yesterday, Rosie attended her second puppy class.  She was very excited to sniff with all of the other doggies,  get pet by the dog trainer, and learn some new tricks.

1b36ae00-b9d2-4213-8d31-766983457401This time, Rosie learned the command “Leave It” and “Out” (as in drop an object on command).  She also practiced responding to her name, sit, and down.  This week focuses on developing an exercise program for your puppy.  Rosie’s exercise consists of chasing a soccer ball outside, playing fetch indoors, running around like crazy outside, and taking walks.  She also loves to chase me around the house, which drives me nuts!

538dd3f0-49f9-4459-8229-2a4b30c55775Rosie wasn’t very thrilled about a new game everyone played called Pass the Puppy.  It is when everyone passes their puppy to the left and plays with a new pup to help socialize them.  While Rosie didn’t think this was much fun, my humans certainly did!  An Australian Shepherd did a sit and down for them, and the Labradoodles loved attention!  The only one who wasn’t happy besides Rosie was a French Bulldog.  She was missing her humans and didn’t like being handled by strangers.  However, it was good practice for all of the pups.  Learning that all of the new people in class are friends will help them focus and be calm when learning later tricks, and it will also prepare them for meeting strangers as adult dogs.

831a2468-5043-4b45-bfbd-410a72960ddaAt the puppy class building, there are cages with rats.  Rosie found out that she loves to sniff rats, and this little rat was very social.  The rats are kept for training dogs for sniffing work, where the rats are put in a safe tube with holes for breathing.  Then, the dogs sniff out the hidden rodents.  The rats are also kept as much-loved pets and play with the fun equipment in their cages.  It was good for Rosie to meet another animal and learn that everything was okay.  This might help her later as an adult dog when she encounters a strange animal.

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