Saturday Morning Fun

Hello!  I hope that you are all having a paw-some Saturday!  So far, Rosie and I have been having a grand time.  While my humans ate breakfast, I made sure to make them feel guilty about not sharing with me.  After I got my morning treat, I tried to mooch some oatmeal from Baby.  Rosie is too young to understand the art of begging, so she just goofed around with her toys before going outside to play fetch.

Just look how stoic and noble Rosie looks in the picture above.  It looks like she’s always that calm.  However, that picture is a lie.  She usually looks silly, like in the picture below.

Rosie loves to make funny faces while she’s playing.

My humans have been saying that I look like a stuffed animal.  Why not use this to my advantage?  I tried to blend in with stuffed animals so that my humans wouldn’t see me, enabling me to steal their food.  They saw me no matter how still I sat, though, and even took a picture of me, saying I was so cute.  Isn’t that silly?

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