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Rosie and I have been really enjoying the warmer weather!  Kitty likes it too, but she mostly sleeps because she’s a lazy cat.

Here I am on squirrel patrol.  I had to leave my home for a couple of hours Thursday, so the squirrels have gotten bolder because of the absence of a tough little Poodle.  I had to go to the vet Thursday and get shots (ouch!) and medicine for an ear infection.

Rosie is definitely not good at patrolling for squirrels.  She doesn’t even look for them!  One time, though, my human and Rosie were out walking and there, about two yards away, was a rabbit.  He stared with those deep eyes and Rosie watched and watched.  Then, with a leap, he was gone, and Rosie felt a sort of hunting instinct and tried to pursue.  Thankfully, however, she was leashed.

Above is Rosie “swimming,” as my humans call it.  She rolls around on the ground, growling at her tail or a toy, and pretends to swim on the floor.  Pretty silly, right?

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