Some Good and Bad News

Getting warm under blankets this weekend

On the weekend I felt sick, and my humans noticed that my gums and lips were swollen and bloody.  They also noted that I wasn’t eating.  Today, I got to go to the vet so he could check me out.  The bad news is, I have a gum and ear infection.  I got a shot for the gum infection and drops for the ear one.  The shot should stop the bleeding in a couple of days, and hopefully eating will be less painful then too.

Sissy eating wet dog food

The good news is that I get to eat wet dog food and soft, bacon-flavored treats until my gum infection heals.  I haven’t been enjoying the food as much as I should, though, because eating is very uncomfortable.  When my mouth is less sore I can really dig in!  Also, my weight has gone down to 11 pounds, and my humans want to get it back up to my normal 13.  Maybe all of this yummy food will help me gain some.  Hooray for wet dog food!

Rosie is jealous because I get wet dog food, and she still has to eat dry.  My humans reminded her, however, of the time when she ate wet dog food because of her stomach surgery.  I was very jealous then, and now it’s Rosie’s turn to be so.

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