The Cone of Shame

Poor Rosie  was sentenced to the cone of shame by the vet last week.  She was recently spayed and had to wear it when the humans were unable to keep an eye on her.  If they didn’t watch her, Rosie would lick her wound and take the staples which hold it out.  We all know from past experience how much Rosie loves staples!  She had to wear the cone to bed, which upset the doggy very much.  The cone was very bothersome and always bumping into things!  Rosie couldn’t run or jump and was starting to feel cooped up.  She would have the “zoomies” inside and start racing through the house, grabbing anything she could!  Today, though, my humans brought her to the vet to get the staples removed, and one of the first things she did when she got home was run!  She is so happy to be back to normal after her surgery and can now run and jump to her heart’s content!

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