The Days of Being Dragged Down the Street Are Over!

dog pulling on leash

Leash-pulling is an unacceptable behavior

Many dogs enjoy the occupation of dragging their human down the street.  This can be rather fun, watching your human’s fury as he tries to reel you in, but it’s very bad manners.  Little dogs can get away with this easier, but it is still very rude.  Big dogs, like the large German Shepherd, are very strong dogs, able to yank the leash out of their human’s hands and run off.  Teach your dog, even while he is a puppy, that pulling is an unacceptable behavior.  When your dog pulls and brings the leash taunt, stop right where you are and ignore the dog.  If the pooch gives you puzzled looks as if he was saying, “What’s the hold up?” and gives some slack to the leash, praise the dog and continue walking.  This will teach the dog that if he pulls he gets nowhere, and if he walks without pulling he gets to have a nice, delightful stroll.  Reward good behavior with a treat or toy.

dog with leash on

There should be some slack in the leash as you walk your dog

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