The Importance of ID Tags

This morning, my humans noticed two strange dogs in the yard. Since we live in the country, this is not uncommon as many owners let their dogs run loose (which is not a good thing to do!).  However, my humans knew these dogs were different. One was a St. Bernard mix and the other a white German Shepherd. These shepherds are not cheap or easy to come by, so it was obvious these doggies were run aways.  One human went outside and called to the St. Bernard mix. He came lalloping over eagerly, but his shepherd friend was out of sight. Unfortunately, the mutt did not have ID tags and the humans were unable to call his owners. They let the mutt go to join his friend. Two dogs running loose have a better chance of finding their way home than one.

This story shows the importance of giving your dog ID tags. A runaway pet can happen to even the most diligent of owners, and an ID tag increases the chance of his return.

Many owners nowadays microchip their pets. This is when a teeny weeny chip is inserted into their skin. When scanned with a special device, the owner’s imformation pops up. However, these chips are not as good as tags. Many people who see a dog without ID tags will keep the animal. They assume he has been either abandoned or too lost to be found. It is true thay many shelters will scan for microchips. However, your dog may not end up at a shelter. Especially if he is friendly or pretty, he could be kept by another person as a pet. Don’t rely on microchips to bring your dog home.

Keep your dog safe; keep your dog tagged.

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